Wichita council members can take unlimited gifts. It’s not like that everywhere
In Wichita, city employees can be fired for accepting gifts, travel or meals from anyone doing business with the city, according to the city’s code of ethics. Those rules don’t apply to the mayor and city council. Instead, city council members are supposed to follow an ethics ordinance that forbids them from doing business with friends and clients, with enforcement left up to the council itself.

Wichita is considering a $1.2 million tax increase on local gas customers
“It’s a tax,” Nickel said. “They might call it a fee, but that’s just added to the (gas company’s) delivery charge. It’s just simply a line item that’s set by the city.”

Wichita to spend $350,000 to fix more problems at the water treatment plant
The Wichita City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to spend more money to keep its aging water treatment system up and running.  This after the state decided a manual override of the water disinfectant system was not acceptable as a permanent fix.

Paper: Wichita mayor steered water plant contract to friends
A city selection committee unanimously recommended that the contract to replace the city's 80-year-old water plant should go to Jacobs Engineering, a national design firm that specializes in water treatment plants.

Instead, Longwell urged the City Council to first change the terms for the bid for the contract and then recommended awarding it to Wichita Water Partners, despite city staff warnings that the group had far less experience in water plant design than Jacobs, according to thousands of pages of documents reviewed by The Wichita Eagle.