City council district #2 needs a council member who is focused on the needs of our district: better roads, basic services, and not solely on downtown development. We need a council member who has a prosperous vision for Wichita, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit again and promoting a job friendly culture. I will strive to make Wichita the most family friendly and job friendly city in the region. You deserve a city council that is fiscally responsible and transparent


  • Ensure the City of Wichita has a long term plan to deal with our crumbling infrastructure.
  • Priority 1 is to ensure Wichita has safe, clean, drinking water now by replacing the water treatment plant, replacing the raw water lines, and having a back up system for the future. Wichita’s Water Treatment Plant – “It keeps me awake at night...” said Alan King, Wichita’s Director of Public Works and Utilities. “Every hour that thing is running, it could fail....”
  • Provide proper and timely maintenance for our streets and bridges to avoid even more costly repairs. “Pothole damages vehicles, delays traffic on WB Kellogg at I-235” (KWCH12 6-21-19)
  • Appropriately fund police and fire, including equipment and training


  • Promote innovative ways to adapt and expand our current industries for future job needs of our community.
  • More aggressively promote exports.
  • Look at developing Wichita as a shipping hub.
  • Expand on cross industry innovations like composite technology
  • Stop putting controversial items on the consent calendar without public input
  • Implement zero based budgeting in all Departments


  • Protect life from conception to natural death
  • Protect your constitutional right to bear arms
  • Promote and protect traditional family values
  • Stop drag queen story hour to young children at the library