A Note from Joseph Scapa...
Thank you for visiting me online! I hope you will find my website to be a place to find more information about me, why I'm seeking to represent you on the Wichita City Council, and what's going on in in our city. There is no question our city faces profound challenges, and I'm committed to ensuring we find solutions. I am proud of strong record of supporting job growth, education, and family rights.

Please take a look around and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Thank you for visiting,

Joseph Scapa

Back to Basics
City council district #2 needs a council member who is focused on the needs of our district: better roads, basic services, and not solely on downtown development. We need a council member who has a prosperous vision for Wichita, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit again and promoting a job friendly culture. I will strive to make Wichita the most family friendly and job friendly city in the region. You deserve a city council that is fiscally responsible and transparent.